Where Are the Bedbugs?

“Where are the Bedbugs”? I have heard this question a lot lately from friends, family and customers. It seems as though Bedbugs aren’t mentioned on the news, in newspapers or on the internet as much as they were last year so people are wondering “Where are the Bedbugs?” Well the answer isn’t so easy to define. Bedbug business is definitely down for the company in which I am employed and I work in the suburbs of NYC. Is it non-existent? No it isn’t as we are performing 5-10 Bedbug treatments a week but it is not at the level it was last summer. So the question is: Where are the Bedbugs? Let’s take a look at some key points that may provide an answer.

  • The media hasn’t reported on Bedbugs with the ferocity as they did last year because the shock value has worn off
  • People have been educating themselves on prevention techniques
  • Treatment techniques have improved with the introduction of newly labeled materials and the wide spread use of high heat
  • Identification techniques have greatly improved through the use of highly sensitive Bedbug sniffing dogs and Bedbug traps and monitors (identifying infestations before they get to unbelievable levels)
  • Many more people are attempting to self-treat for Bedbugs
  • The school year is coming to an end now so college kids have yet to come home
  • The travel season has yet to begin

Adults, Nymphs and Caste Skins

I am not sure if Bedbugs will hit with the same fervor they did last summer but I having been saying this for a while now, “Don’t Let Your Bedbug Guard Down”.  The real test will be during the summer months. Last summer was a perfect storm of events. Until last summer, most people did not know that the pest control industry was battling Bedbugs for approximately 10 years already. The media caught wind of some high profile infestations and panic set in. Only time will tell, so until then remember that prevention and education are crucial.