Mattress and Box Spring Protection

Stop Bedbugs in their tracks!

Bedbug proof mattress and box spring encasements are on the front line of defense for Bedbug prevention. Premium quality Bedbug proof mattress encasements are recommended by the EPA because they will completely encase your mattress/box spring preventing Bedbugs from leaving and biting you as well as prevent new Bedbugs from infesting the mattress/box spring in the future. Bedbug mattress/box spring encasement are different from standard mattress covers because they are constructed and designed to be Bedbug proof.

  • Eliminates the entry of Bedbugs and Dust Mites
  • Anti-Microbial treatment protects against odor causing bacteria
  • Completely waterproof on all sides (most competitors are only waterproof/resistant on top layer)
  • Breathable fabric ensures a comfortable sleep
  • Eliminates the transfer of allergens
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Creates an overall clean sleep environment

Note: The EPA recommends the use of high quality mattress encasements.

Sleep in Peace

Here are we suggest to purchase Allergy encasements constructed with a Bug System which ensures Bedbugs cannot get in or out. Eliminate the primary harbor site of Bedbugs and encase your mattress and box spring now!

Get a Bedbug proof mattress encasements and box spring encasements to protect yourself while you sleep.

Pillow Protectors

  • Breathable fabric allows air to penetrate and body heat to pass through, providing a cool sleep surface
  • Durable, lightweight fabric allows for easy laundering with bed linens
  • Prevents the entry or escape of bed bugs and dust mites
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Anti-Microbial treatment guards against odor-causing bacteria
  • Provides a dust mite and allergen barrier between you and your pillows, creating a healthy sleep zone
  • Reduces dust mites in your pillow by cutting off their food source
  • Super absorbent toweling quickly soaks up fluids or spills
  • Waterproof to repel moisture and protect your pillows
  • Zippered closure for full encasement

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