Don’t Let Your Bedbug Guard Down

We have all heard the stories and many people either have been affected or know someone who has been affected by Bedbugs recently. However since last summer the news reports have dropped off and Bedbugs are not profiled in the mainstream news as they were just several months ago. What happened? Are we winning the battle against Bedbugs or is the news just onto different topics? I can assure you that the news is just onto different topics.

Bedbugs are still a problem popping up in homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, stores and everywhere else people go. Have the amount of complaints diminished? Yes they have. Have the amount of confirmed cases diminished? Yes they have too. What does this mean? Many experts agree that this is only a result of the fact that we are not in vacation season. Most people in the US do not travel in the winter so Bedbugs aren’t being spread around as they were last summer when Bedbugs dominated the pest control industry. This should not lull anyone, including the pest control industry into a false sense of security. Once travel season is upon us, expect the reports and confirmed cases to jump through the roof once more.

The pest management industry has been working hard this past fall and winter gearing itself up for the next round. Bedbug summits, conferences and research projects/findings are being held and published in order to better prepare the industry. Education is the key to controlling this formidable pest and the pest management industry has been hard at work. New discoveries have been made proving what we have all believed; Bedbugs are resistant to many, if not all, of the current products available to control Bedbug infestations. A recent study performed at Ohio State University found that some Bedbugs have genes that protect them against harmful chemicals.  This is the first known study on the genetic make-up of Bedbugs.

This information is extremely important to manufactures of pest control products and solidifies the fact that alternative measures such as using heat to control Bedbugs is the best control measure available right now. Many

Stay on guard

Innovations are being made and new products for heat control hit the market on a routine basis.

So don’t let your Bedbug guard down. Education and prevention are crucial to keeping these vampirish creatures under control. Many city and state governments are passing laws requiring landlords inform new tenants of any past Bedbug infestations, requiring infested mattresses be bagged and labeled as infested with Bedbugs and/or requiring certain facilities to have a written Bedbug treatment protocol in the event of a possible Bedbug infestation. The average citizen needs to be aware of the “hitchhiking” nature of this insect and take the appropriate preventative steps when traveling.