Bedbug Traps/Monitors

Insect Interceptors – Trap Bedbugs in a safe environmentally friendly fashion. Simply place under the legs of your bed, night stands, dressers, sofas or any other piece of furniture. Bedbugs get trapped in the pitfall style trap when they attempt to infest the bed or furniture.

Insect Interceptors are monitoring traps for Bedbugs. They are placed under the legs of your bed frame and/or furniture. Environmentally safe and chemical free, they trap Bedbugs by way of a pitfall style design. The pitfall portion of the trap is coated with talc and can be rejuvenated when needed. Used by professionals as well as non-professionals.

Bedbug Detection System (BDS) – A passive trap/monitor that provides Bedbugs with the ideal harborage (hiding place). Patented dot matrix glue pattern traps  Bedbugs as the enter the device. Place between the mattress and box spring, on bed frame, behind headboard, night-stands, dressers, pictures, televisions, etc.

The Bedbug Detection System (BDS) is a professional and simple trap design that uses Bedbugs natural desire to hide against them. Made of thin cardboard with a patent-pending dot matrix glue design, the BDS system can be placed in between the mattress and box spring, behind headboards, night stands, dressers and any other area you feel may be a concern.

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