Bedbug Stigma

Bedbug stigma is on the rise and creating an unnecessary social distortion. The facts about Bedbug infestations are this:

You are at risk if:

  • If you travel (sleep in hotels and/or with friends or family)
  • If you vacation on cruise ships (check out this post on USA Today’s Travel section called “The Cruise Log“)
  • If you recently visited a movie theater
  • If you work outside of your home (with other people)
  • If you rode in a taxi and/or bus
  • If you visited someone in a nursing home
  • If you visited someone in a hospital
  • If you visited someone in their home
  • If you go to school
  • If you went shopping in a clothing store
  • If you live in an apartment, condo, co-op and or townhouse
  • If you purchased a new bed (yes a new bed as usually companies deliver the new bed and take away the old. Did the residence they delivered to before you have a Bedbug infested mattress?)

Would you see a Bedbug if it hitched a ride in your notebook bag?

We will stop there. As you can see, everyone is at risk. These insects do not discriminate against anyone. Your financial status, living situation, race, religion and level of cleanliness do not matter to Bedbugs. You can bring them home with you just by going about your daily routine. Bedbugs can be in someones purse, notebook bag, suite case, clothing or furniture and drop off, then crawl on you or your belongings. It only takes one pregnant female Bedbug to start an infestation as females can lay 1-2+ eggs per day which can hatch in 7-12 days and develop into adults within 30 days (all depending on temperatures).  Then these newly developed adults continue the same process.

People are hearing more and more about Bedbugs but the facts are mixed in with the stigma being created. We are all at risk and should not shun the people that are battling them. We should educate ourselves as to why they are spreading so rapidly and do our part to curtail the problem.  We should be cognisant of the fact that Bedbugs may be present and take preventative measures. Some quick and easy solutions are to install Bedbug proof mattress/box spring encasements on all beds within your home and install Bedbug traps/monitors. Bedbug proof encasements will eliminate their favorite hiding spot. These encasements will trap any Bedbugs that maybe on the mattress or box spring, preventing them from getting out while also not allowing other bedbugs to infest the mattress or box spring. Bedbug traps/monitors will alert you to the possible presence of Bedbugs before they can gain a foot-hold. You can also check our previous posts for preventative tips – Bedbugs: 4 Tips for Travelers and Bedbugs in Schools?

Remember this before you case judgment: You are at the same risk level as the person that is currently dealing with a Bedbug infestation.