Bedbug Monitors Proven to Identify Infestations

A scientific study, “Effectiveness of Bed Bug Monitors For Detecting and Trapping Bed Bugs In Apartments” was recently released, proving that Bedbug monitors are an effective tool for identifying Bedbug infestations. The study was conducted by 3 professionals in a housing development in Bayonne, NJ which has been battling a serious Bedbug infestation for some time.

The study utilized 3 commercially made Bedbug monitors and one “home-made” device. Out of the four devices, 3 were active monitors (used either CO₂, heat or a combination of both and/or a attractant lure) and 1 device was a passive Bedbug monitor (uses nothing to attract Bedbugs other than proper placement). The devices were used in a variety of test areas each with varying levels of known infestations and/or suspected infestations.

ClimbUp Insect Interceptor (passive monitor)

The end result was that each Bedbug monitor was proven to work effectively and comparatively but some units took longer than others to achieve the same results. These results are intriguing but as a professional and/or homeowner using these devices, several issues must be considered before choosing your strategy.

• Cost – what is the cost to purchase and operate each device?
1. Cost of replacement CO₂ canisters
2. Cost of replacement attractant lure
• Safety – is there a health/safety risk to using the device?
1. Compressed CO₂ tank
2. Electrical
3. Handling dry-ice
• Length of time needed to accurately identify an infestation
• Ease of use

I am sure that there maybe other factors but I see these 4 as the most obvious and pertinent. It is my opinion that passive monitors are generally the best option for most residential uses and various commercial uses (hotels) but the active monitors do have their place as well. An active monitor is a good choice if an infestation is suspected in a transportation vehicle or retail establishment (since beds and/or furniture do not exist in which to place the passive monitors around).

Regardless of your choice, this study proves that these devices have their place in detecting Bedbug infestations and monitoring the success rate of Bedbug elimination strategies.

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