Bedbug Control Through the Use of Extreme Heat

Heating insects such as Bedbugs to extreme temperatures causing their death is nothing new. Many tests have been performed on the thermal death of various insects for decades. The “trick” to achieving thermal death is maintaining the specific temperature for a certain period of time (each insect requires varying degrees and durations). This is relatively easy in a small laboratory or controlled experiment but on a larger scale such as an entire room or a house it is a different ball game.

Various companies are manufacturing systems that can heat a room or a house for an extended period of time to kill Bedbugs without the use of pesticides. The service provider will install the system (temporarily of course) throughout the home/room and monitor the temperature for a period of several hours at a minimum. Temperature readings must be taken throughout the space to ensure ALL areas have reached the desired temperature. The readings can be taken remotely with some systems and manually by the service provider with other systems. The service provider may also have to move, flip, turn or raise various pieces of furniture to ensure uniform heat distribution. If the temperature reaches 113°F+ for 60 minutes, all stages of Bedbugs (adult, nymph and egg) will reach thermal death.

As you can imagine, this equipment is not cheap for the service provider to purchase therefore it is an expensive proposition for the consumer. These treatments usually run several thousand dollars at a minimum and require some preparation and removal of various items from the treated area. We all can agree based on research, extreme heat kills Bedbugs but if the area and equipment are not monitored properly and the heat is not distributed evenly, Bedbugs will not die. It comes down to knowing your service provider. Have they done many treatments like this? How successful are they? Do they have references? It is a lot of work for the service provider and you want to make sure that they are up to the task. This is a very effective method for eliminating Bedbug infestations but it has to be done correctly.

On a much smaller scale, PackTite™ provides a heat treatment remedy for individual suitcases, book bags, notebook carry cases, clothing and almost any other item that can fit into the heat chamber. The device is basically a large duffel bag with a heating unit, a timer and a thermometer. This product is used by individuals and professionals alike and is extremely effective at killing Bedbugs in small items.