Are Bedbugs Coming Home with Your College Kids?

Are my children the only thing coming home from college? That is a question many parents should be asking as the school year begins to wrap-up. Bedbugs are not only a growing concern amongst travelers but also college aged kids. Over the past several years cases Bedbug infestations have been on the rise and college dormitories/living quarters are no exception.

Are your kids the only thing coming home from college?

Many college campuses are setting protocols for handling Bedbug infestations as of a result of the growing number of reported infestations. A dorm is the perfect environment for Bedbugs to thrive. A college dorm contains many people housed in one building. These people bring belongings from home, travel home periodically and in many cases have friends spend the weekend (remember your college days of friends “crashing” at your place?). This revolving door of people and belongings just screams out to Bedbugs.

So the question is “How can you prevent your kids from bringing home a possible Bedbug infestation?”

Following some simple tips will dramatically reduce the chances of your kids introducing these unwanted guests.

  • All clothing and bed linens should immediately be placed in the dryer on high for 20 minutes before putting them in dressers or closets
  • All luggage should be thoroughly inspected and preferably treated in a Packtite Unit then placed in plastic bags, tied and stored in the attic, basement, garage or anywhere else except the main living space of the house
  • Small appliances and computers should be thoroughly inspected for Bedbug fecal stains, live bugs and caste skins
  • Place Bedbug-proof mattress/box spring encasements of the beds of the returning students

If purchasing a Packtite Unit is not within your budget, placing the empty luggage in heavy black plastic bags and leaving them in the sun on a warm day may produce the temperatures needed inside of the bag to be lethal to Bedbugs (of course do not do this if the forecast calls for rain).

College kids will start returning home before you know it. Having a game-plan is crucial if you want to help prevent a Bedbug infestation in your home.

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