Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find the information contained within this site helpful. We have been working in the pest management industry for years and we are currently on the management team of a large regional pest management firm. We have seen the rise of Bedbug cases over the last ten years and have been immersed in the “battle” to eliminate them from homes, hotels, apartments, stores, movie theaters etc., ever since.

Since we have witnessed firsthand the problems created by these silent fear inducing insects, We decided to start this site to educate people that are searching for honest and accurate information. We are not a an entomologist, business tycoon out to make a million or a product developer that doesn’t have the practical experience in Bedbug elimination. We are highly trained pest management expert with pest management certifications, we have obtained numerous certifications from various organizations relating to pest management in the residential, commercial and industrial arenas as well and I now run the operations end of a multi-million dollar pest management company. We have personally performed services and/or developed pest management programs for homes, warehouses, restaurants, health-care facilities, food manufacturing/processing facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In short – We know what we are talking about because we deal with it every day!